Solar Energy Solutions

North Electric is a turnkey solar integrator dedicated to providing the highest quality solar development solutions for our customers. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering customized, comprehensive solutions that enable each client to make the best use of their property and maximize the full benefit of solar generated energy.

North Electric specializes in turnkey distributed generation solar system integration for commercial private and public sectors. Our commitment to higher standard of quality has helped NORTH ELECTRIC emerge as a solar leader and our company is quickly growing with solar photovoltaic projects completed or under construction.

North Electric is recognized for creative solutions, quality workmanship and peak performance solar systems that provide maximum return on investment while supporting environmental initiatives.

North Electric’s loyal relationships with vendors, suppliers, and financiers in the renewable energy markets allow us to deliver the highest quality in solar solutions for superior performance and reliability.


North Electric custom designs the appropriate solution for each customer using the latest advances in technology and installation techniques. We only work with proven technologies and credit worthy brands to develop a long-term solution that is custom built to accommodate your individual facility needs.

Process Includes:
  • Site viability, shading analysis and interconnection evaluation
  • Energy Audit of existing usage for system sizing
  • Create preliminary system design options
  • Calculate expected system performance and proforma analysis
  • Review and finalize plans with customer
  • Review and finalize plans with customer
  • Obtain all necessary permits for construction
  • Obtain interconnection approvals with the local Utility
  • Prepare and register all required applications to operate the system
  • File required paperwork to generate and trade environmental credits
  • Commission the system, test for performance and establish a maintenance plan

North Electric will visit your site to evaluate existing roof conditions and available ground space including parking. We will identify the shortest runs for optimal point of interconnection and propose the most suitable location for your solar system followed by a shading analysis to guarantee optimal irradiance exposure.

North Electric will perform a thorough audit of your existing energy usage and design the optimal solar system for your facility. We ensure that we create the most effective solution that will generate the most energy efficiency at the lowest possible cost. NORTH ELECTRIC works closely with design team on every project in order to integrate a system with maximum power output and seamless operational characteristics.

Permits: North Electric prepares all required local and municipal permit applications and files the paperwork through the process. We coordinate with your local Utility to obtain preliminary interconnection approvals along with final Permission to Operate the solar system. Our experience enables us to obtain approvals quickly.

Incentives: North Electric will file all necessary paperwork with the required state agencies and its Board of Public Utilities for your Solar System to generate and sell environmental credits along with any qualifying rebates and other incentives for operating renewable energy systems. Incentives are provided directly to the customer in the case of a system purchase, or indirectly via lower electricity costs in the case of a power purchase agreement.

Tax Credits: North Electric works closely with your Legal and Tax advisors to assist with filing the required paperwork with the Department of Treasury in order for your Solar System to receive Investment Tax Credit rebate for your qualifying project expenses.

North Electric solar project installations are managed by both an onsite project superintendent and supported by a team of highly qualified project management professionals. Our experience and expertise ensure that all projects are completed on time, on budget and with the highest level of quality.

North Electric systems start up and commissioning process is an integral part of turning over a completed system to our customers. We Megger test all DC wiring; perform I-V Curve tests on every DC string to guarantee optimal performance of your solar system. We monitor and collect energy production under specified irradiance levels and run performance ratio calculations to make sure the designed system is performing at expected levels of energy generation.